Newly elected Youth Advisors to the World Scout Committee (2021-2024)

Congratulations & welcome to the six newly elected Youth Advisors to the World Scout Committee (2021-2024)!

Fatima Isa – AzerbaijanYoobinnara

Lisa Kim – Republic of KoreaReese

Medina- Belize

Alhassan Soltan – Egypt

Soumana Ide Mamane Lamine – Niger

Melissa Wilm – Brazil

Our new Youth Advisors are: Fatima Aliyeva 🇦🇿, Yoobinnara Kim 🇰🇷, Reese Medina 🇧🇿, Alhassan Soltan 🇪🇬, Maman Lamine Soumana Ide Issa 🇳🇪 & Melissa Wilm Senna Pinto 🇧🇷.In their role, they will play a key part in the decision-making of the World Scout Committee, which is one of the three constitutive bodies of WOSM, alongside the World Scout Conference and the World Scout Bureau.We are inspired by the diversity & vision of all 18 candidates who put their names forward and ran great campaigns! On behalf of World Scouting, thanks to all candidates for their dedication to youth development.

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